Chapter 1





I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock as the annoying thing started beeping half past six in the morning and it crashed to the floor. I got up from my bed and stretched my arms over my head. A yawn found its way out of my mouth and I went into the bathroom and brushed my teethes; the normal morning routine.
A knock sounded from my door and my older brother, Taylor, walked into my bedroom as I walked out from the bathroom. He wrinkled his nose at the sight of my room. Clothes were scattered all over my floor; a bra was hanging on one of my lamps and socks were lying all over the floor in big piles.

Taylor is what everybody would call a Kent-doll. You know the male Barbie? He got brown-blond hair, dark-blue eyes and the longest eyelashes. It’s so unfair! I would do everything to get those.

“You should really clean up soon, Mia. It’s a pigsty!” I sighed and ran a hand through my long, brown and thick hair.

“Taylor… How many times have I told you that I like it this way? I know where all my things are, too!” He crooked an eyebrow as if he was asking me, “Do you now?”

I rolled my eyes at him and made a go-away-motion at him. He laughed and shook his head at me and left the room. I walked into my walk-in-closet and put on some clothes consisting of a pair of black skinny-jeans, a t-shirt with a gothic Hello Kitty on it and of course, my favourite pair of socks with Hello Kitty-prints on them. Those socks may be a little immature, but hey! You’re only a child once in your lifetime. I took my bag from the floor and went down the stairs and into the kitchen, where I, of course, found my dad in the middle of his own little drinking party. Yeah, my dad is a very heavy drinker and he’s been drinking ever since we lost our mom. In a traffic-accident… On a very foggy and rainy night… I sat down at the table next to my brother and threw my bag down on the floor with a heavy thump. My dad didn’t even glance at me. Yes, it is very cold of him to not even greet me, but he blames me for our mom’s accident. And yes, I already know it’s not my own fault; that it was the rains fault and all, but yet he still blames me. Taylor says it’s because I look a lot like our mom. The same thick and brown hair. Full red lips and dark-blue eyes and just that average, geeky-girl.

Does it surprise you? That I’m that geeky-girl, I mean? My sense in fashion is a little immature, yes, but does that strike you as me being a geek? I’m not really a goody-two-shoe, who does her homework every day; I’m more like the computer-geek and such things. Anyways, you do know that where there are geeks there are also cheerleaders and players, right? All that cliché stuff… Taylor does look a lot like a player with his killer-looks and with all the girls drooling over him. Surprise, surprise, huh? He’s actually not a man-slut. He got a steady relationship with one of the cheerleaders. The head-cheerleader to be exact. She would be a really sweet girl and not that stereotyped cheerleader, if she weren’t sleeping around. Taylor does know that it happens, but they are the ‘it-couple’. It’s like they have to be together through our entire senior-year. Taylor never seen her the way she looks at him and that is what makes her cheat on him. They’ve been together for three years or something. Taylor was actually in love with her too the first year. Then a few days after their one-year-anniversary he found out that she were cheating on him and they took a break from their relationship. But that didn’t last long; three weeks later they were back together just not as passionate and in-love with each other as when they first started dating. She ruined it for herself. I just can’t see the logic in staying with her. I mean, he can find someone who’s so much better! Because even though he keeps telling me and his friends that he doesn’t care about her, I can see he’s hurting. He’ll never really get over her, which is a shame, because I know a lot of girls that would gladly accept a girlfriend-request from Taylor. Most of my friends have a huge crush on him and he’s all they talk about. ‘Mia’s brother here, Mia’s brother there.’ ‘Taylor’s soooo hot it’s not even funny, Taylor is like the hottest boy in the entire school!’ Someone please gag me now…-

“STOP STARING AT ME, GODDAMMIT, YOU LITTLE BRAT!” My head snapped up so quickly it let out a painful crack. My dad was panting heavily and he was glaring at me with a bit blurred and unfocused eyes. I could feel the tears prickle in my eyes and I begged them not to fall.

“STOP STARING AT ME AND GET TO SCHOOL!” I didn’t answer him and he got up from the chair, probably to strike at me. Fortunately Taylor stepped in and pushed him down onto his chair again, before he had the chance to react. I bent down, hitched my bag over my shoulder and went into the entrance and grabbed my leather-jacket. I could hear Taylor yell my name, but all I cared about was getting away. I opened the door and slammed it behind me and ran.


“So he yelled at you again and you like, ran to school?” I nodded as my best friend, Camille, repeated my morning-story. She let out a huff and crossed her arms. As always she didn’t believe that I had ran to school. I wouldn’t do any running even, if it was to save my life.

“You hitch-hiked, didn’t you?” I smiled guilty to her and she let out an irritated huff.

“I thought Taylor and Blake told you not to do that anymore! You could get violated or something like that, Mimi!” I laughed at that. When we were elementary school, Camille would learn how to cook and I would learn self-defence. Camille and I are the complete opposite of each other. She’s sweet, likes tea and a goody-two-shoes. I’m the more bad-ass-type. Apart from wearing Hello Kitty and stuff, I mean. I’m into violence, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and all that stuff. And when I say violence, I don’t mean that I go around and beat people up. I mean that I like action-movies and boxing; violent things.

“Mimi!” *Clap!* She smacked me in the back of my head. “Don’t laugh when it comes to things like that! We’re being serious! We just don’t want you to get hurt!” I rolled my eyes at that. It was like this every time I decided to hitch-hike my way to school. I gently shoved her and she took a step back to keep up her balance. She narrowed her eyes at me and were about to scold me, when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I looked up and took a big step forward when I saw who it was. Liam Harrison, my worst enemy and the biggest jerk on school-campus. I glared at him as Camille stood to my left. I glanced at her and automatically rolled my eyes; she looked like someone who was ready to jump his bones. The only girl from the female-popularity on this stupid school, who’ll never jump his bones, is me. I broke out of his embrace and turned around to glare at him.

“What do you think you’re doing, butthole?” His famous cocky smirk found its way to his lips and I glared at him even more.

“How come I cannot hug my favourite girl, Mimi?” I knew it. He only came here to mock me. As always.

“Taylor asked me to come and find you and find out whether you were okay?” He pulled out the ‘okay’ and made it sound like a question. I let out a grunt.

“Report back to my brother as the lapdog you are and tell him to keep his nose out of my business.” I could feel Liam glare a hole into the back of my head as Camille and I walked down the hallway to get to our class in time.


Skrevet af Maria